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AnnuityQuickQuote.com is dedicated to providing pre-retirees, retirees and corporations with immediate annuity and income planning solutions that offer a steady stream of guaranteed retirement income that investors can’t outlive. Along with our parent company, Lead Brokerage, LLC, we are based in Manlius, NY, a suburb of Syracuse. Our founder, Bryan Place, CLU, ChFC, CFP, was a highly respected authority in the financial planning and income planning community and was consistently named one of the 150 Best Financial Advisers by Medical Economics Magazine.

Annuity Quick Quote is a variable annuity life insurance company that offers clients a range of investment options. For example:
*         An immediate fixed annuity would provide a set income paid out on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis
*         Equity indexed annuities provide the greater of an annual minimum rate or the return from a stock market index (minus expenses and formulas)
*         For conservative investors, a fixed annuity rate offers benefits comparable to a bank CD, but with greater security and often a higher rate of return

We look forward to working closely with you to make the best possible decisions with your retirement nest egg.